Brekkie fritters in a flash

September 11, 2012 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)

Need to whip up a tasty, impressive breakfast in a jiffy? Keep a bag of pancake mix in your cupboard for fritters in a flash. We bought Golden Cloud Pancake Mix and followed the packet instructions to make up about half of the mix. We added a large tin of drained corn kernels, seasoned the mix and added a bit more dry mix for a thicker, puffier fritter. If you don’t feel like corn, try grated baby marrows (water squeezed out), cooked cauliflower, grated carrot or peas. A blob of crème fraîche or sour cream flavoured with snipped, fresh herbs adds a zesty zing to the fritter. And we topped ours with crispy-fried slivers of streaky bacon for a salty crunch. They took us under 10 minutes to make, giving you just enough time to get coffee on the go and set the table.

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