• When we’re not testing (and tasting) new dishes in the kitchen, we’ve got our noses stuck in drool-worthy cookbooks that both inspire and make us want to get back into the kitchen to whip up more tasty treats.


    Simply Seven Colours by Zola Nene

    South Africa’s beloved chef, Zola Nene is back with her third cookbook, Simply Seven Colours. The book is a celebration of SA’s unique seven colour dishes and the country’s tradition of sharing meals. Zola taps into the heart of these nostalgic dishes and puts a modern twist on them.

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    Each chapter in the book is represented by a colour, allowing you to pick and choose what your meal will end up looking like. One thing is certain, no matter how you build your seven colour menu, the end result will be absolutely delicious.

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    One by Jamie Oliver

    Jamie Oliver is bringing delicious one-pan recipes to you with his latest book. Described as ‘a book to rival 15-Minute Meals and 5 Ingredients in its simplicity, it is filled with recipes that are quick and easy to make. The recipes are simple, budget friendly and time saving, and helps to cut down on the dreaded amount of dishes to be washed afterward which is always a win. With over 100 tasty recipes to choose from for ‘work from home lunches, quick dinners the whole family will love and meals to get novice cooks started’, One has something for everyone.

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    The Pasta Queen by Nadia Caterina Munno

    Considered pasta royalty, Nadia Caterina Munno is a home cook and TikTok sensation whose ‘passion in life is to bring the true essence of the Italian lifestyle and culture to the world one plate of pasta at a time’.

    In this, her first cookbook, Nadia shares authentic Italian pasta tips and tricks, cooking techniques and tales behind some of the country’s most beloved dishes. Her recipes range from the most basic to complex ensuring that even the most novice pasta making cook will end up with a dish that has guests exclaiming ‘bellissimo!’.

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    Japanese Home Cooking by Maori Murota

    If you’re anything like the Food&Home team, you have a soft spot for Japanese cuisine. Maori Murota’s book teaches you how to make authentic Japanese cuisine at home from scratch and we are more than delighted by the prospect of it! Growing up in Tokyo, Maori was inspired by her mother’s cooking, and so wanted to share those recipes, and more, with the world.

    Her book includes detailed recipes of traditional meals such as sushi rice, homemade tofu, broths and ramen noodles while also delving into more contemporary dishes like Japanese curry, steamed nut cake and eggplant spaghetti. Many of her featured recipes are vegan and plant-based too, making this a cookbook that everyone will be able to enjoy.

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    Cocktail Botanica by Elouise Anders

    Do you fancy yourself a bit of a mixologist? If so, we have a recipe book on our shelf that is perfect for you! Cocktail Botanica will help you to discover the world of botanical cocktails. ‘What is that?’  you may ask and the answer is simply this: Yummy cocktails that have been infused with a fruity, floral or herbaceous ingredients.

    A mixologist, turned writer, Elouise has put together 60 crowd-pleasing infused cocktail recipes that are sure to be a hit at your next gathering. What’s more, she also includes recipes to help you create your ‘botanical-driven spirits and wine at home’. All we can say is cheers to that!

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    Is this a cookbook? by Heston Blumenthal

    Who of us are not in awe of Heston Blumenthal’s culinary masterpieces, and dare we say say visual trickery? Now you can create some of his delicious and inventive recipes at home. From his rice ice-cream to popcorn chicken and sherry vinegar posset, Heston is making it simple and straightforward to recreate and we are here for it!

    Not only does this book include 70 mouthwatering recipes that will surely inspire you, but also some of Heston’s insights and hacks that will make you look at your own culinary journey in a whole new light. This book is without a doubt an adventure for foodies and we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed with it.

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    Compiled by Megan Paulse for our Summer 2022 issue.

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