• The redemptive power of baking

    Kitty Tait was a bubbly, full-of-life 14-year old girl until she started struggling with depression and anxiety. After trying every activity that her parents suggested to help get their daughter to smile, her dad Alex baked a bread. That small moment changed everything for Kitty, and she notes how the colours, sounds and smells of a simple dough was magically transformed – ultimately grabbing her attention and slowly pulling her out of her slump.

    One loaf quickly turned into an obsession and Kitty started to find a way out of the terrible place she was in. Baking bread was the only thing that made any sense to her and before long, she was making loaves for half her village in Watlington, England.


    Demand for Kitty’s loaves, buns cookies and brownies grew and, after a few whirlwind months, her and her dad opened The Orange Bakery. Breadsong by Kitty Tait is a cookbook that is not only filled with Kitty’s favourite recipes, but is also the heartwarming story of how a family got through a trying time in their life through food, baking and love. It’s also a story about mental health, finding joy in unexpected places and being brave enough to change your life.

    Kitty’s favourites in the book include the Happy Bread filled with salted caramel and Comfort Bread made with Marmite, sticky buns galore with flavours such as Cardamom and Orange, and the ultimate Tahini and Dark Chocolate Cookies. Our favourites, however, are the Chelsea buns and their super easy cheese straws.

    Kitty’s Instagram: Kitty Tait

    Kitty and Alex’s Bakery: The Orange Bakery

    Buy Kitty’s book Breadsong here

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