• Rupy Aujla has been on our radar for a few months now and when we heard that he will soon be releasing a new Doctor’s Kitchen book, we knew that we had to sit down with him and get the inside scoop on health, wellness and of course, food. Rupy just launched The Doctor’s Kitchen App where you can find all of his recipes to make eating healthy and living a more holistic life an easier task. 

    How did The Doctors Kitchen start, and what was that shift for you from being a normal doctor to doing this? 

    I started getting into this because of my own health issues when I was a junior doctor. I had a heart condition which caused my heart to beat irregularly and very fast. I would have these episodes lasting from 12-35 hours at a time for 2-3 times a week and I went through the conventional medicine route where I saw a bunch of cardiologists who told me to have an intervention.

    I was put on medication but it was my mom and family who inspired me to look at my diet and lifestyle. I investigated nutrition and started changing up what I was eating and gradually my episodes went away after a year and a half. I started to have more honest conversations with patients and it snowballed from there. I started a youtube channel and social media account and then got approached to do the book and some TV shows. 

    You recently just launched an app, can you tell us more about it?

    The app is going to be the head-space for healthy eating where people can filter recipes for their specific health goals – whether it be inflammation, skin health, gut health, mood, menopause and general well-being. I am hoping that the app can help millions of people prevent disease and improve their well-being every day. A really great thing about the app is that when you choose a recipe, it shows you what your meal should look like every step of the way. 

    Download the Doctor’s Kitchen App here!


    Why did you start your podcast?

    I was forced to do it (laughs) as a means to promote the book. I didn’t think that people would want to listen to me but I did 6 episodes with some friends and it did really well. I love doing it, I get to speak to a bunch of interesting and inspiring people and the feedback has been so great.

    Listen to The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast here!

    What are some of your favourite ingredients and food to have on hand specifically for their health benefits? 

    I always have greens on hand and with every meal. I think that the research looking at green veggies is incredible and so important. Food like broccoli, kale and spring greens are wonderful as they contain amazing chemicals that are really impressive when we look at them in a lab. They are anti-inflammatory, they improve your immune system and they enhance detoxification pathways in your liver. It’s a pretty amazing and accessible range of vegetables that we have access to every day. But really, it’s about the principle of healthy eating rather than calling out ingredients. I always think about eating a plant focussed diet, one that has colourful ingredients so that you get a plethora of micronutrients, fats and fibre to support the gut ecosystem. The science is complex but the solutions are simple. The implementation of consistently eating well is the hard part which is why I created the app – to help people make these healthy choices every day. 

    Do you have any advice on what we should be incorporating into our diets during Winter?

    Foods that support your gut microbiota like eating sauerkraut, ferments and kimchi at your main meal time help to introduce live microbes that support the immune system. It’s also important to eat prebiotic foods like seasonal vegetables like artichokes, roots, beans and pulses. I also recommend getting adequate amounts of sleep to help with your immune system and normal functions of the body is paramount – particularly during periods of stress. 

    What’s your favourite recipe from your books?

    Gosh, that’s really hard (laughs), it’s like choosing between your children! But one of my favourite recipes is the coconut chickpea dhal which is available on my app. It’s a one pan dish and just so simple to make – so many people love it. 

    It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when one thinks about eating better. Do you have any advice on how to make the transition to eating healthy easier? 

    Start really small. Even having a side dish of greens once a day is a great start. Learning how to master one healthy meal is also a great way to eat healthier. Maintaining a small goal is a very important behavioural tactic as it is sustainable in the long run and consistency and sustainability are key.

    How do diet and mood affect mental health?

    The science behind nutritional psychiatry is still growing but there are a number of ways in which food can affect your mental well-being overall it needs to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a vague term but refers to cellular inflammation which is the root cause of a number of different problems like obesity and metabolic problems and of course, mental wellbeing. There were very interesting studies looking at how inflammation in the body can cause neuroinflammation in the brain that can impact mood. Therefore anything that can dampen down this inflammation in the brain such as breathwork, exercise and food can be thought of as another tool to treat mental health. Things like fibre, pro and prebiotics, green and colourful vegetables and quality fats like omega 3 fatty acids, cold-pressed oils and nuts and seeds are great to introduce into one’s diet if someone is suffering with those issues. 

    What do you cook when you are not in the mood to cook?

    Sometimes I have a takeaway. I’m not spotless with everything I eat every day but if I’m lazy then my go-to is a whole-grain pasta with peas and vegetables – it’s usually something that I cook anyway. The more you practise, the easier it gets for you to eat healthier and crave healthier foods. 

    What are some of your favourite spices to cook with?

    Sumac, dried oregano, paprika and garam masala. 

    What is your number 1 health and wellness tip?

    Go easy on yourself and start small!

    Any advice or tips for combatting stress and anxiety?

    Most people think about stress and anxiety when they are experiencing these things and we need to think about it in a preventative manner. We should be doing things today to prevent feeling stressed tomorrow or even just to mitigate that occurring. In the same way we exercise to prevent obesity, meditation, deep breath work and making time for one’s headspace can make you a lot more resilient. 

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    Rupy’s website, The Doctor’s Kitchen: thedoctorskitchen.com

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