• By F&HE contributor Jenny Handley

    The tourism and hospitality industries provide a multi-faceted environment that needs to focus on developing quality people and service. I was encouraged when I heard about an initiative in this dynamic industry over a delicious meal at Dash restaurant in the Queen Victoria Hotel. It was a special occasion for their trainee chef Thaabiet Adams and all-rounder bartender and barista Francisco Domingo, to introduce their talents – in a passionate, accomplished and knowledgeable manner.

    These impressive men are competitors in the 2013 Showcook Inter Hotel Challenge, in which 10 leading hotels and wine brands have partnered to present an opportunity for young talent to enhance their skills and prove themselves. Rather than starting out on a formal education route, these passionate and talented individuals have learnt their skills by starting on the bottom rung of the ladder, and are now being given the chance to follow those leading the way. They will be required to present a three-course meal at a cook-off in August, and their recipes will be prepared at a celebratory gala dinner hosted at The Vineyard Hotel in September. Meanwhile these potential stars will be mentored and exposed to excellence along the way.