• Dominique Brown is F&HE’s features writer. She’s the resident Durbanite who constantly craves sunshine and wine. An avid cook and consumer of food, she’s dabbled in urban veggie-growing and chicken-rearing. If you meet her she will probably try to feed you.

    Last week I was graciously hosted by the Banditos team at Taste-buds Cooking School in Johannesburg as we indulged in their ‘Banditos Grande Fiesta’. Using their extensive range of Mexican products, they have created a range of fun and easy recipes to give Mexican meals a new twist. I needed to be rolled out after being plied with course after course of innovative dishes including Jalapeno, Bacon and Cheddar Cornbread, Mexican-fired Bandito’s Chicken Phyllo Parcels with Tequila as well as Chimichangas filled with Banana and served with a Coffee Cream Sauce. Gorgeous! To plan your own Mexican fiesta check out their website www.banditos.co.za for recipes. Just remember, no Mexican feast is complete without margaritas and tequila!