• Quinoa pea fritters with garlic mayo & zucchini salad.

    ”For my turn to get into the kitchen for F&HE, I chose to do a recipe from Donna Hay. Her latest cookbook, ‘Fresh and Light’, is filled with not only creative and interesting recipes, but they are so healthy. Or at least she likes to be as healthy as she can where she can. The unhealthiest thing about my meal was the garlic mayo, and that was my own addition. So I ended up making quinoa pea fritters (and, as my Editor says, quinoa is the new black) with baby marrow salad. I did this recipe twice, as the first time didn’t yield photos that I was too happy with – the fritters were difficult to handle and crumbled quite easily. A way around this, which I discovered the second time round, was to prep and mould the fritters beforehand, then allow them to sit in the fridge for a few hours or even overnight if you have that kind of forethought.

    It was absolutely delicious and cooking for two different groups of people who came with that same feedback confirmed that all the flavours and ingredients made for one seriously light, delicious and healthy meal. The salad was so simple and is something I feel can be an addition to any meal (also allow the salad to sit in the lemon juice for 10 – 20 minutes before serving, so that all the flavours soak and blend).

    So we didn’t make the yogurt cheese, and had garlic mayo instead, which was just perfect.

    I am so excited to try so more recipes by Donna Hay (I’ve already had the ricotta cheese cake), and am especially excited for the quinoa sushi. “Quinoa sushi?” you ask. Yup. Thanks for this fantastic splash of health in my everyday meals, Donna Hay 😉

    Recipe tried and tested by our Digital Editor; Chevaun Roux.

    Chevaun Roux