Eating-in with the Food & Home team: Daniela Hatton-Jones

June 30, 2014 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)

Broccoli Presto Pasta

“I made the broccoli pesto from Donna Hay Fresh and Light. I chose this dish simply because, when paging through a recipe book, a pasta dish always tends to catch my eye. My dad’s Italian so we grew up on pasta and, for me, it’s the best kind comfort food – perfect for this cold weather that we’ve been having. Plus, any pasta dish is always a winner in our home.

The dish really didn’t take much effort at all and, to me, it was a very healthy and tasty pasta dish. I added a touch of fresh chillies to it, just to give it a little extra flavour, but that’s just because I’ve been going through a chilli-loving phase at the moment and not because I thought it needed it. When I make it next time, I may add a touch of cream to make it just a little less dry and more indulgent."

For more information about Donna Hay Fresh and Light or to see where you can buy your own copy click here.

Recipe tried and tested by our designer, Daniela Hatton-Jones

Daniela Hatton-Jones

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