Everson’s Cider reclaims the passion of traditional craftsmanship

January 12, 2016 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)
Everson’s Cider

As the world’s fastest growing alcoholic beverage category, cider-making is an exciting industry. Promising craft cider producers all over the world are providing alternative options to the played-out offerings of main-stream commercial cider corporations. Enter, Everson’s Cider.

Everson’s cider reclaims the passion of traditional craftsmanship

“Our cider is a drink with actual flavour profiles and subtleties – a lot of care goes into ensuring that every consumer is given something special, something genuine and delicious. In many ways our production process is comparable to that of wine; every step is considered in detail,” says Michael Everson, an Everson’s Cider Director.

Everson’s Cider’s growing reputation for quality is due to its craftsman, William Everson’s dedication to using only fresh raw ingredients from the surrounding Elgin landscape, which boasts an extensive fruit selection and belt press to juice the fruit, as well as unique fermentation and barrel ageing processes.

The family has certainly shown its passion for setting a standard for cider producers by creating the first pear cider in South Africa. Add to this their extensive range of flavours, from apple cider to Cloudy and Mulled cider, Single Varietal cider, Brandy Cask cider and the much loved Gnarr scrumpy cider.

“There is something for everyone at Everson’s Cider – cider is not just a lady’s drink as far as we are concerned. As long as they’re over 18 and not driving, we want everyone to have a unique and exciting taste experience when having one of our ciders – whether at home, at markets, at restaurants or cooking with friends. It’s up to you to decide how to enjoy it!” continues Michael.

Leading South African palates to the appreciation of fine cider, the Everson family pride themselves in producing something which preserves the honesty and dignity of genuine old-school cider. It is filled with passion. And love. And commitment.

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