• By F&HE food editor Leila Saffarian

    Oh, I am so lucky! Foundry Café invited me round for a sneak peek and to taste a few dishes that would hopefully make it onto their spring menu. They didn’t have to ask twice, I was sold. It’s no secret that @FoundryCafe is one of my favourite Jozi hangouts. They have craft beer on tap, including their own brew – Franky Four Fingers – a pale lager. Beer lovers, give this one a try. Apart from the beer, their grub is always good and tasty and they do gastro pub ‘oh so well’.

    Without giving too much away, I’ll say this… the spring flavours are fresh, light and tasty (as they should be). Seafood delights make more than one appearance and dammit this @FoundryCafe crew knows how to make a mean pot of mussels! But the secret ingredients of these mussels will remain a secret for now. We must keep some mystery alive… A great new take on pasta, not only is the taste spot on, everything is beautifully presented without being overly fussy.

    Keep your eye on Foundry Cafe or just keep your eye on our blog, we’ll update you with all the tasty delights this popular eatery has on the cards for the next few months. Spring will highlight all of their Gastro Pub flare, with loads of craft beer on tap to wash it all down – of course.

    Where? Parktown Quarter, 3rd Avenue, Parktown North
    Digits: 011 447 58 28