• Get sweet smart with the perfect Easter egg hunt this year – avoid heavy and unhealthy sugar ups and downs with these useful tips from Canderel.

    Easter is synonymous with chocolate bunnies, eggs, marshmallows and golden chocolate coins by the basket-load. For any parent (especially parents of a diabetic child), this sugar-filled holiday can be daunting.

    With healthy sugar alternatives like Canderel, you can make sure your child doesn’t miss out on any of the childhood fun.

    Planning your Easter egg hunt: 

    • When planning the hunt, try not to make the chocolate and sugary treats the focal point. Include small toys, books and plastic eggs with small change inside as other gifts the kids can look for.

    • Help your kids associate Easter with quality family time rather than just chocolate. Paint and decorate real eggs as a fun activity for the whole family.

    • Make homemade chocolate treats without sugar, so your kids can also enjoy some chocolate. The Canderel Chocolate range includes: Canderel Bubble, Dark, Milk, Fruit and Nuts, Milk and Nuts and Crispy Almond. Make chocolate lollies by melting Canderel Milk Chocolate. Add something healthy such as frozen raspberries, coconut flakes or chopped mixed nuts.

    • Be cautious with portions. Bigger is not better. Devouring the entire bounty of Easter treats in one go isn’t good for anybody.

    • Hot cross buns are an Easter favourite. Bake your own or buy them from your local retailer, and cut each bun into quarters to serve.