• We love a good gin and tonic!  But, do you know the difference between London Dry and Old Tom Gin? No? Do not stress! Enjoy our handy guide to gin terminology:

    London Dry:

    A style of gin that can be made anywhere in which juniper is the dominant botanical, and is made in the “one shot” method (all the botanicals are added to the still, the distillation takes place, and then the gin is blended with water with nothing else added)


    Original Dutch juniper spirit which led to the creation of this drink. It retains the flavour of the grains on which it was based.

    Navy Strength:

    Around 57% alcohol, developed because the British Navy used to keep the gin next to the gunpowder, and to ensure that the gunpowder would still ignite if the gin spilt onto it!

    New World Gin:

    Our local South African distillers form part of this category, with Citrus, Floral, Spice, Sweet and Complex flavours. Alternatively known as ‘new western botanical gins’

    Craft gin:

    Small batch artisanal local gins

    International Gins:

    These are mass-produced gins made in huge volumes.

    Bathtub Gin:

    Compounded gin (a style looked down upon by distillers, as the botanicals are steeped in high proof spirit rather than distilled)

    Old Tom Gin:

    A slightly sweeter style of gin, generally using slightly sweeter botanicals and with sugar added

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