Ingrid’s loving this street food in Jozi

July 12, 2012 (Last Updated: June 12, 2023)

Born in Adelaide (Australia’s largest wine-growing region), F&HE’s wine and travel editor Ingrid Casson studied wine and journalism before moving to SA 10 years ago. Mad about wine and food, she’s happiest when travelling…

4th Street in Parkhurst is one of the few places in Jozi that you can find a proper buzzing pavement vibe, and it’s great to see that even more places are popping up.

YuMe is a fab little sushi, noodle and dim sum bar that, for what it lacks in space, makes up for in character. If you’re a sushi fan it might take you more than a few visits to navigate your way around the menu of about 200 different sushi options. Go for the classics like grilled eel nigiri and California rolls or step outside the box with rice-wrapped ingredients like strawberries, asparagus and warthog.

The dim sum is also a treat – go for potstickers or pillowy rice dumplings, which are usually impossible to find in Jozi, so a real treat. Noodle options include soba, ramen and rice, which you can match with a Chinese, Thai or Indonesian style sauce. Wine options are well priced and the zesty styles suit the food.

Also worth noticing is the service – the best we’ve had in ages. Well worth a visit, especially if you feel like a pick-me-up during the week. 4th Street, Parkhurst. 011-4478984.



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