• We chatted to Instagram blogger, Steve Steinfeld, the face behind The Jo’burg Foodie – one of SA’s most loved foodie accounts! If you don’t know who he is, now’s the time to listen up, take note and hit that “follow” button on Instagram.

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    Tell us a bit about yourself (who you are and what you do)…

    I’m Steve, The Jo’burg Foodie, and I run a social-media-based food blog that aims to showcase the newest, trendiest and best foodie spots Jo’burg has to offer. I am currently studying Accounting Science at Wits University (in my 3rd year) and started my blog as a pure passion project. Having grown up in very much a food-orientated home, I’ve had a passion for food for as long as I can remember.

    The strangest/most interesting meal you’ve ever eaten?

    That’s a tough one! I’m pretty much open to tasting anything once. I’ve tasted cricket brownies before… but on the more fine-dining side of the spectrum, I’d say it would have to be sweetbreads at The Test Kitchen…

    Most “foodies” would consider the traditional blogging route to share their experiences. Why did you choose Instagram?

    We live in such a visual culture and I think the saying “eat with your eyes” has never been more fitting than it is today. Inspiration to start The Jo’burg Foodie happened when I took a photo of a beautiful dish at a restaurant and decided I just had to share it – Instagram just seemed the obvious way to go.

    Your favourite Instagram filter?

    I don’t often use Instagram filters for my food pics, but if I had to choose, I would probably say “Hudson”.

    Three tips for the perfect food pic on Instagram.

    Good lighting, the right angle (I’ve stood on chairs before) and a thought-out layout or background.

    One meal you cannot get enough of?

    The blackened octopus starter at Marble. It’s as soft as butter!

    Who is your favourite foodie?

    My Mother!

    Your top 5 must-visit restaurants in Joburg?





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