Koula – delighted with Delphi

September 6, 2012 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)

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Tuesday 4 September

I was sad to leave Kalambaka this morning but there were more surprises in store for us along the way. We stopped at the museum in Delphi to view some more ancient relics and explore the Temple of Apollo.

We feasted on spanakopita (traditional Greek spinach and feta pie) on the outskirts of Delphi, which is – surprisingly! – a ski area in the winter months. I’ve never associated Greece with skiing but there we were, eating lunch in a ski village, albeit end of summer here. Ski rental shops were obviously closed but I can imagine this town must look glorious when it’s covered in snow!

Then it was off to Athens and we arrived here late afternoon. The graffiti is far worse here than what we’d seen in Thessaloniki but we’d expected this, having seen a documentary on the mayor’s cleanup campaign for the city a few weeks ago. Many stores were shut down, some buildings falling apart. But on the whole, things look far more positive than negative.

Had the best surprise at dinner tonight! The hotel’s restaurant is on top of the building and as we stepped out of the lift, we realised we have the best view of the Acropolis from here. Feeling like a very blessed girl indeed, having dinner in Athens with a view like that! Pretty hard to beat!

By Serdar Yilgoren

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