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    Wednesday 5 September

    Started today off with a drive to Corinth to see more ruins of an ancient city. We stopped at the canal to enjoy a drink and watch the boats sail by. One of the boats had a South African flag waving from the back and as we shouted ‘Goeie môre’ to the couple, I couldn’t help but feel a little homesick.

    We drove back into Athens and climbed up Mars Hill to take in the spectacular views of Athens. Then to the part I’d been most excited about – we began our trek up to the Acropolis – with the exquisite remains of the Parthenon in sight. The Parthenon had been one of the things in Greece I’d been looking forward to seeing most and I almost felt like I had to pinch myself while we were up there.

    We finished shooting relatively early this afternoon (4pm compared to 8pm), great considering what’s happening over the next two days. My husband and I had only been told once we’d landed in Turkey at the start of the tour that the Rome/Vatican part of the shoot had been canceled. And that the rest of the crew would be enjoying two days off in Athens and we’d be left to our own devices. We figured we were so close to Rome and had seen enough of Athens that we may as well use our two days off to go to Rome anyway. The rest of the crew has tried to warn us that there’s so much to see in Rome that two days isn’t enough, but at this stage it feels like more of a waste not to go and two days is better than nothing. So tomorrow, we go to Rome!

    By Serdar Yilgoren