• What is the Meat Free Monday movement all about? One day of the week, you skip out on your meat meals – that’s all. Includes red and white meat.

    3 reasons:

    1. Your health

    2. Your wealth

    3. Your world

    1. Your Health:

    – Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes: plant-based diets and those low in processed meats work in reducing type 2 diabetes. Plant-based diets are an incredibly effective way of maintaining a healthy weight – a key factor in preventing diabetes.

    – Lower your risk of cancer: excessive red meat and processed-meat consumption increases the risk of colorectal cancer. A fruit- and veg-based diet is said to decrease the risk of several cancers, including mouth, stomach and larynx.

    – Watching over your weight: people on vegetarian diets tend to have a lower body weight and BMI. Plants are rich in fibre (which isn’t found in animal products), which contributes to fullness and results in less overeating.

    – Lower risk of heart disease and stroke: Veg, fruit and wholegrains have shown to combat cardiovascular disease. One study found that a diet of 2,5 or more servings of wholegrains per day is associated with 21% lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    2. Your wealth:

    – Meat is generally a more expensive commodity – by cutting it out for one (or more) day(s) a week, you will lower your weekly grocery expenses.

    3. Your world:

    – The amount of water used to produce 1kg meat is far higher than 1kg of veg. In fact it takes approximately 14 000L water to produce 1kg meat, and 300L to produce 1kg vegetables.

    – You can significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the environment. Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide all form part of the greenhouse gases, and beef is found to produce a total of 30kg greenhouse gases per kg. Carrots, potatoes and rice are found to produce 0,42, 0,45 and 1,3kg per kg, respectively.

    – 17% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the deforestation of the Amazon forest in order to make room for livestock.

    – The meat industry uses so much grain to feed its livestock that, if that grain was rather used to feed people on a plant-based diet, it would feed approximately 840 million people in a year.

    Why Monday?

    Studies have shown that Mondays are the perfect day to try something new. Quit smoking, start a new exercise regime, make a positive life change.


    – The biggest meat-consuming country? America! Their indulgent relationship with meat reveals that they are eating 122kg meat per person per year.

    – South Africa’s meat consumption rose from 32,9kg of meat per person per year in 1961 to 39kg per person per year in 2002.

    – Half of all the world’s pork is consumed by China alone.

    – Why are people eating less meat? 66% do it for health reasons, 47% said it is related to cost, 30% are concerned about animal welfare, and 29% do it because they are concerned about its effect on the environment.