• Credé Oils is a family-owned business in the Cape Town area that manufactures and markets a wide range of edible oils, nut butters and gluten-free flours. Credè Oils has been making its high-quality products for 25 years and is today recognized as the leader in its field. Its flagship products are its range of coconut oils, the delicious all-natural OhMega nut butters and the wide-range of Credè nutritional and culinary oils.

    Credé Oils produces many of its products on site at its two HACCP-approved factories just outside Cape Town. Credé Oils believes in making the healthiest products possible, so oils are cold-pressed and stored in temperature-controlled settings, while nuts are dry-roasted without the use of vegetable oils.

    Typically, OhMega nut butters are made from 100% dry-roasted nuts, without the stabilizers, preservatives and other additives often found in similar products. In their drive to make healthy yet great-tasting products, Credé also offers a peanut butter without added sugar, salt or partially hydrogenated fats, using instead only peanuts, honey and omega 3-rich flaxseed oil.

    Their new chocolate almond butter is made with real dark chocolate (71% cacao), and contains far less sugar than competing products. All this has made the Credè and OhMega ranges wildly popular amongst followers of the banting diet, which stresses the importance of reducing sugar intake and recommends eating plenty of healthy oils and fats instead.

    Over the years, Credé Oils has built a large and loyal following of health-conscious consumers who appreciate high quality products. This loyal following now extends to 10 countries, and shows once again that attention to quality is the key to building a specialist brand.

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