A remarkable journey of support for Chef Fatima Sydow

August 24, 2023
Fatima Sydow

In a heartwarming display of solidarity, Fatima Sydow’s fans have shown their love and support for the celebrity chef by raising funds to help with treatments as the culinary icon battles stage 4 cancer. 


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The Sydow family stands humbled and moved by the unwavering support that has flooded in from every corner of South Africa and beyond. The response has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, with over half a million rand already raised to bolster Fatima’s courageous fight against cancer. This surge of financial assistance not only brings practical relief but also shines as a beacon of hope for the journey ahead.

Fatima’s sister, Hadjira Sydow, shared the family’s overwhelming emotions with Smile FM. “I am extremely emotional just thinking about it,” she expressed, “We can now move forward, with the overwhelming support from everyone all over South Africa, and all over the world.” The significance of this united front can’t be overstated; it signifies that no battle is fought alone.

Fatima Sydow

Source: Facebook/@Fatima Sydow Cooks

As the family continues to gather strength, they’re heartened by the positive strides being made. Recent scans have revealed the cancer has spread to her brain and arms, prompting the next phase of her treatment: radiation therapy. Sydow was recently hospitalised and is currently still in hospital after learning that her cancer has returned. 

Beyond medical assistance, the funds raised will also facilitate the purchase of a hospital bed, ensuring Fatima’s comfort as she moves through her treatment and recovery. 

Fatima’s own culinary creations have graced countless tables and inspired palates around the world, earning her a special place in the hearts of many. Her unexpected health battle stirred a wave of compassion, prompting the creation of a Backabuddy account. The response was swift and overwhelming, embodying the boundless impact one person’s passion can have on others.


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Written by Maegan-Leigh Jacobs

Feature image: Facebook/ Fatima Sydow Cooks

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