• A great way to start off a new year is to be ranked as the bestselling and top trending bitters brand worldwide by one of the most trusted and respected global drinks journals, Drinks International. According to the Drinks International Annual Brands Report 2023, “Every bar that stocked a cocktail bitters brand stocked Angostura and it was the most popular brand in 83% of [our] polled bars – that’s the largest category dominance from any single brand that appears in this supplement.”

    Of course, Angostura rums appeared once again in the list of top ten trending rums for 2023, but bitters is definitely the star of the show this year with Drinks International continuing,

    “Ango [ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters] is ever-present in cocktail culture in a way that is difficult to overstate. Three of the top 10 bestselling cocktails call for it and the Trinidadian brand is distributed to more than 140 countries worldwide. The category at large has been swelled with new brands in the last decade, but this list goes to show that when bartenders find a brand they like, change is rare.”

    For around two hundred years ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters has been produced by the House of Angostura and is widely considered a key ingredient behind the bar and an essential component in many cocktail recipes the world over. Applied by the dash, it is used to add an extra layer of complexity to flavours and create balance by intensifying the characteristics of other ingredients.

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