• Charcuterie boards or just charcuterie (shar-Koo-Tuh-Ree), although not a new concept, and dating back as far as 15th century France, charcuterie boards have only gained popularity amongst South Africans in the last couple of years.

    The charcuterie board is based on the belief that nothing from the animal should go to waste, the origin of the word charcuterie is French with ‘chair’ meaning flesh and ‘cuit’ meaning cooked. It is the practice of salting and smoking meats to preserve them and dates back 6,000 years to ancient Rome.

    Today the charcuterie board remains as fancy as its predecessor but with a little less cured offal and a lot more ambrosial!

    The typical charcuterie board generally consists mainly of meats and cheeses and is normally paired with wines. People have become more adventurous over time and are now making charcuterie boards that are as creative and pleasing to the eye as they are delicious.

    Here are some charcuterie board ideas to try for your next soiree:

    1. The OG of charcuterie boards

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg /Instagram

    The original ‘current day’ charcuterie boards are made up of well-complemented cured meats and a variety of cheeses. Add some nuts and fruit to your prosciutto, chorizo, salami, serrano or any other type of meats you prefer with your choice of cheeses, and you have yourself a firm favourite among guests.

    2. The fruit board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    For the fruitarian guest. The fruit board screams summer and is guaranteed to satisfy and delight.

    3. The salad board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    The salad board makes for a healthy starter or main, depending on your level of ravenous. It makes for a pretty dinner centrepiece as well.

    4. The vegetable board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    There’s always one, and this vegetable board is sure to keep the vegetarian in our lives happy.

    5. The mezze board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    Mezze boards are the perfect boards to serve as light meals.

    6. The kebab board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    Kebab boards are great to serve for light meals, or as a starter.

    7. The steak and chips board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    The steak and chip board is a winner at dinner parties, especially among meat lovers.

    8. The burger board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    The burger board is great and seems to be popular at parties. It allows your guests to build their burgers just the way they like it.

    9. The fish board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    The fish board is best served as a breakfast or lunch meal.

    10. The breakfast board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, we may as well make it the most delicious as well with this delectable breakfast board.

    11. The dessert board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    Dessert boards are the fun boards that allow you to be as creative as you want to be.

    12. The sweet board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    Not to be confused with dessert boards, and yes, go crazy on this one too, unless you’re OCD then please stick to the lines.

    13. The S’mores board

    Picture: @ainttoproudtomeg / Instagram

    The smores board is the perfect board for you to create on camp to impress everyone or spoil the kids at home with this fun board which is also a great family activity.

    14. The chocolate board

    Picture: @assweetatthetable / Instagram

    ‘Ah, chocolate – the ‘bonne bouche’ of boards – the decadent board you serve at the end of your soiree.

    The rule when it comes to creating the perfect charcuterie board is that there is no rule, allowing you to be as creative and unique as possible. Let your personality shine through your creations and bon appetit!


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    Article originally written and published by Adrienne Bredeveldt  for Cape Etc.

    Feature image: Unsplash