• As part of the exciting features and experiences on offer, visitors to The Good Life Show will be able to watch live cooking demos in the Woolworths Good Life Kitchen or take part (at an additional cost) in some exclusive, interactive Masterclasses in the Woolworths Masterclass with PlantLove.

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    The Good Life Show reveals its first line-up of chefs who will cooking up a storm and mixologists crafting delicious cocktails at the Cape Town show. Keep an eye out as there will be more chef announcements along the way.

    Greg Henderson

    International Award-Winning Wild and Indigenous Chef

    gregory henderson
    Photo:The Wild Food Revolution with Gregory Henderson/Facebook

    Having kickstarted the Wild Food Revolution during the pandemic, Chef Gregory Henderson’s foraging philosophy is deeply intertwined with conservation and helping ecosystems and communities to regenerate through sustainable resources.

    Michele Mistry

    INDIKAAP Founder

    Michele Mistry
    Photo: Michele Mistry/Facebook

    INDIKAAP was founded in 2016 by Michele Mistry, who craved the food culture she grew up with but didn’t see reflected in the Western Cape South Africa. INDIKAAP strives to find ways to make it possible for people to find nourishment and balance, despite their busy lifestyles with her range of bottled products.

    Rutendo (Ru) Furusa

    Chef, Food Blogger and Recipe Developer Celebrating Food Diversity

    Rutendo Furusa
    Photo: ceconline.co.za

    With a love of cooking with local produce, Chef Ru will be cooking culinary delights by showcasing how plant-based cooking and vegetables are simply delicious.

    Chad January

    Chef, Food Stylist and Magazine Editor 

    Chad January
    Photo:Chad January/Instagram

    Chad is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch in 2014 and has done stints at award-winning restaurants, La Colombe and The Test Kitchen. He is a kitchen connoisseur with a long list of achievements in the media industry – including his current position as Editor of TFG’s MyKitchen magazine.

    Damian Jardim

    Classically Trained French Chef

    Damian Jardim
    Photo: Damian Jardim/Instagram

    Damian Jardim is a classically trained French chef, having successfully completed his culinary studies at the esteemed Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch. His culinary expertise is fuelled by a profound passion for sustainable, whole food plant-based cuisine, which he believes has the power to heal the body, mind, and soul.

    Jane Nshuti

    Plant-based African Food Educator 


    Jane Nshuti
    Photo: Jane Nshuti/Instagram

    Jane Nshuti is a plant-based African food educator and founder of Tamu by Jane. She has a desire to nourish tummies, souls and minds, and her recipes and food philosophies intertwine to deliver knowledge about food security, community, and a passion for African foodways.

    Loubie Rusch

    Western Cape Wild Foods Expert 

    Loubie Rusch
    Photo: Loubie Rusch/Facebook

    Loubie Rusch has been exploring the Western Cape’s forgotten and neglected indigenous edibles since 2010. Her shift from the landscape industry to exploring local indigenous food plants started with cooking and bottling produce under the brand name Making KOS. She has been championing the need to cultivate Cape edibles as crops since 2016 and contributes to a variety of research and community projects.

    Peter Daniel

    Health and Wellness Expert

    Peter Daniel is a health and nutraceutical researcher by night and managing director of Soaring Free by day. He first championed the superfood movement in Southern Africa over 15 years ago, and a as co-founder, he has shaped Soaring Free into one of largest functional food brands in the world.

    Chef Zanté Neethling

    All About Indigenous Food

    Chef Zanté Neethling

    Aiming to create an evolution in food culture, Chef Zanté uses her extensive knowledge of indigenous food as an instrument for sustainable development.

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