• In an effort to encourage South Africans to openly discuss what others deem as taboo subjects on “Blackness”, Castle Milk Stout, Africa’s premier stout, is excited to launch the refreshed, revitalised and recharged Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations Season 2.

    Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations was launched in 2022 as a platform that gives vocal and influential local personalities the opportunity to share their genuine life experiences surrounding various unexplored topics. Castle Milk Stout is excited to announce that Black Conversations Season 2, the series returns to Mzansi Magic from Thursday, 13 April 2023 at 21:30.

    The new season will dive into controversial points of conversation, such as Black Spirituality, Black Pride, Black Mental Health, Black Love, Black Storytelling and Black Success. Season 2 will introduce some new twists as each topic will be discussed over two episodes with viewers’ opinions and questions incorporated into the conversations.

    “As a purpose – and people – driven brand, we go beyond simply selling products and have stepped up to the challenge of leveraging the power of our brand to use it as a platform where Africans can educate themselves about their origins and encourage them to become promoters of their culture. We want to inspire Africans to be bold and openly discussed censored subjects on ‘African-ness’ and ‘blackness,’” says Khensani Mkhombo, Brand Manager for Castle Milk Stout.

    Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations Season 2 will kick off with a conversation around Black Spirituality, led by philanthropist, writer and social activist, Jackie Phamotse, who will be joined by a panel of diverse personalities from different backgrounds with unique cultures and experiences to share.

    Black Pride will interrogate how black people embrace their blackness in a Westernised society by exploring intelligence and beauty standards. Celeste Ntuli, one of the episode’s panellists, has been vocal and intentional about black pride and embodies the acceptance of blackness through her comedy and in her everyday life. Sophie Ndaba, a respected public figure, who has struggled with her own mental health will explore Black Mental Health in the black community.

    Tbose and Mapaseka Mokwele have been married for over 20 years will unpack the evolution of Black Love in modern society and the issues they face in the black community as a black couple. In black storytelling, Desire Markgraaf, executive producer at Bomb Productions, and well-known actor, Sello Maake ka Ncube, provide context as to why black stories are not represented accurately, and are not told by actual Africans who hold the truth of the experiences faced by African people. Lastly, Bonginkosi Dlamini, affectionately known as Zola 7, joins the conversation to share his journey to Black Success.

    “While we acknowledge the evolution and progression of culture to adjust to modern society, we wanted to inspire Africans to rediscover and reinvent their African traditions and culture in a modern world. Black Conversations is a platform that addresses unthinkable and uncomfortable conversations in our society, and we hope they can make an important role in re-inventing and progressing modern culture,” says Mkhombo.

    Catch Black Conversations 2.0 on Thursday 13 April 2023 on Mzansi Magic at 21h30. Viewers (over the age of 18) can share their views by using the #CastleMilkStout #BlackConversations hashtag.

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