• Everyone has their favourite UltraMel custard moment, reminiscent of all the great memories created with friends and family for generations. Having enjoyed 5 decades of being Mzansi’s favourite custard, it’s time to shake things up with UltraMel’s new and exciting full cream milkshake variants in 3 delicious flavours – vanilla, chocolate & strawberry.

    Social media has been abuzz with the question “How do you UltraMel?”…red or green jelly? Vanilla or cinnamon? Hot or cold? Malva or Trifle? Big or small spoon? However you UltraMel, everyone has memory-filled stories to share.

    If the original UltraMel is anything to go by, it’s time to indulge in great tasting full cream milkshakes and create some more memories, whether you’re in the streets of eKasi or the suburbs of Sandton. No matter which flavour moves you more – chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry – you’re bound to find a firm favourite.  The new thick and creamy range will be sure to deliver joy in every drop!

    “We’re excited to be introducing South Africans to the new way to UltraMel – bringing all of the exceptional taste heritage you’ve come to love over the last 50 years into this new, fun, anytime treat,” says Lazola Dali, Marketing Manager: Local Icons, Danone Southern Africa. With the iconic brand celebrating its 50th birthday this year, the new product launch marks an important milestone for the UltraMel family and is a great prelude to the astounding anniversary.

    Ultramel full cream milkshake

    The new UltraMel Thick & Creamy Milkshakes are convenient and embody a rich, delightful taste that allows for an anytime and any occasion treat – from school lunches to Skhothane AGMs or a sho’t left with the mates; even uGogo noMkhulu don’t have to wait for Sunday lunch to enjoy their next custard treat.

    With a long shelf life, you can have a few of the 275ml full cream milkshakes stocked up for those daily on-the-go moments. Packaged in 70% recycled PET plastic and priced from R15,99, this new range is available nationwide at all leading supermarkets and even your nearest fuel station.

    After 50 golden & creamy years, Mzansi’s families have a tasty new way to “UltraMel” and enjoy their favourite dessert – old school or new school; glug or straw; spoon or shake… either way, it’s certainly still the tasty experience of joy in every drop that you have come to love.

    UltraMel 50th birthday product launch


    Kirsty is the food assistant on the Food&Home team. Usually baking up a storm, snapping pics on her camera or buried in her beloved recipe books, she also spends her time tinkering on the piano, doing contemporary dancing and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.