• As the world grapples with the urgent need for sustainable food systems, Woolworths has introduced a groundbreaking Farming for the Future campaign, poised to revolutionise agriculture, and nourish our planet for generations to come.

    With a resolute commitment to sustainability and a bold belief that the methods and practises their chosen suppliers have adopted can make a big difference, Woolworths invites fellow retailers and farmers to learn more about the movement towards regenerative farming practices through an immersive digital experience available online.

    In a world where agriculture has inadvertently contributed to environmental degradation, Farming for the Future offers a beacon of hope for a path towards regeneration and resilience. Recognising the critical role of agriculture in both perpetuating and mitigating the impacts of climate change, Woolworths embraces the potential of farming to reverse the harm it has caused to our planet.

    Farming for the future

    “At Woolworths, we understand the profound impact that agriculture has on the health of our planet,” says Latiefa Behardien, Chief Food Technology and Sustainability Officer at Woolworths. “Through Farming for the Future, we’re harnessing the power of nature-inspired farming, combining the wisdom of our farmers with the expertise of scientists and the innovation of technology to create a more sustainable food system.”

    Regenerative farming practices not only benefit the environment but also have a significant impact on the quality of the food produced. Through careful cultivation and nurturing of the soil, regenerative farming enhances the flavour, texture, and nutritional value of crops like Brussels sprouts and celery, among others.

    By prioritising soil health and biodiversity, Woolworths’ farmers are able to produce fruit and vegetables that are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. The result is produce that not only tastes wonderful, but also contributes to overall health and well-being, providing customers with a superior eating experience that lives up to Woolies’ exceptional quality standards.


    As part of the campaign launch, Woolworths invites consumers to explore the Farming for the Future digital experience, an interactive platform that showcases the innovative practices and principles of regenerative agriculture. From learning about composting and soil health to discovering the role of biodiversity in farming, visitors can engage with educational content and resources to support sustainable living and conscious consumption.

    Central to the campaign’s mission is to encourage the adoption of regenerative farming practices that treat the earth as an ecosystem, not as a factory. By nurturing biodiversity, enhancing soil health, and reducing carbon emissions, Farming for the Future aims to soften agriculture’s impact on the Earth and create a more sustainable future.

    “Farming for the Future is not just a campaign; it’s a movement towards a more viable and resilient food system,” emphasises Behardien. “We invite consumers to join us on this journey towards regenerative agriculture, where every choice we make has the power to nourish both people and the planet.”

    Immerse yourself in the digital experience here.

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