Organic Emporium – where to get organic food in Johannesburg

May 8, 2018
Organic Emporium – where to get organic food in Johannesburg

The Organic Emporium situated in the Bryanston Shopping Centre makes organic food accessible.  It was started as an online business focused on educating customers about organic food and connecting consumers to produce from farms that Debbie Logan, food activist and writer, found.

The Organic Emporium eventually evolved into its first brick & mortar store in the Bryanston Shopping Centre, 4 years ago.

The store is run by a dedicated food activist and writer who visits farms before the product is stocked and who has become an influential voice in the organic world. It is an oasis of trust for people who want real answers to the question, “how did this food arrive on my plate and who is the farmer?”

The store will be expanding in 2018 and opening an organic concept eatery with a menu featuring only food from carefully selected farms.

“We want to give people an adjacent eatery where they can trust that I’ve checked the food for them as much as they do in the store”, says Debbie Logan about the store’s expansion plans this year.

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