• In support of breast cancer survivors in financial need, the Power of Pink campaign raised a record amount of R465 000 during October 2016’s Breast Cancer awareness month and just under R3 000 000 over the past seven years.

    The Power of Pink campaign, a partnership between SAMFA (South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association) Pick n Pay and Thermopac, is one of the few breast cancer fundraising campaigns that supports survivors who cannot afford reconstructions after mastectomies.

    “Thousands of rands are dedicated annually to breast cancer research,” says Ross Richardson, the SAMFA (South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association) chairperson. “We sincerely applaud that initiative because it is an essential part of beating breast cancer; but that money does not assist survivors where an immediate need exists. SAMFA, Pick n Pay and Thermopac proudly partner with Reach for Recovery’s Ditto project to offer the final empowering step in cancer treatment for thousands of South African women!”

    All monies raised goes to purchase silicone prostheses1 for disadvantaged women. During 2016 five hundred and thirty-five (535) women were assisted.  Reach for Recovery purchased prostheses at an average price of R748 per unit and recipients made an R80 donation to cover administrative costs.  However, it is well known that no woman in need has ever been turned down by this amazing organisation due to financial reasons.

    Reach for Recovery’s Management Board Chairperson, Stephné Jacobs always feels humbled when she sees the impact a silicone prosthesis has on its recipient. “The overall effect is a sense of recovery with self-esteem, dignity and confidence restored. It is a gift of hope that helps every survivor to move on from a negative experience and start enjoying life to the full again.”


    Increasingly research around the cancer fighting potential of mushrooms is indicating that mushrooms could be one of our most powerful allies in the fight against breast cancer.

    One of the key findings of studies conducted at the Beckman Institute at the City of Hope Cancer Centre in California and at the University of Australia in Sydney in collaboration with Zhejiang University in China, is that women who eat an average of 10gm of mushrooms a day, seem to halve their risk of breast cancer – a brilliant reason for women to make sure that fresh mushrooms take centre stage on their plates every day of the year.


    1. A breast prosthesis (breast form) is an artificial breast that can be worn to simulate the natural breast and body shape. They are available in different shapes and sizes, as well as different degrees of firmness and fit into the pocket of a specially designed mastectomy bra. Qualified fitters provide breast prostheses. Consult Reach for Recovery for contact details of providers of prostheses and post-mastectomy bras.

    Imka Webb

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