• “I think flavoured ice is going to be zola nene summer foodie trendshuge this summer, in interesting flavours that people might not expect. I’m talking slushies, ice creams, sorbets, sherbets and frozen yoghurt. I think the rising temperature will fuel the buzz on all things iced or cold. I’m already seeing the trend taking off with the recent opening of Unframed in Kloof Street in Cape Town, as well as of Pierre Jourdan’s Wine Popsicles (PJ Pops). It’s no secret that I love frozen yoghurt and ice cream, so I’m definitely looking forward to this trend soaring.” Zola Nene http://www.zolanene.com/

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    “There’- Jan- Hendrik van der Westhuizen Summer Foodie Trendss so much happening in the food world, but what gets my attention is the fact that we’re moving more and more towards waste-based cooking, to cook up something delicious from unused/“un- coveted” food. People need to ask themselves: “How can I cut food waste in my home?”. One simple example is “cold souping” which is the new juicing. Keeping and enjoying the fibre, pulp, seeds and rind that often get discarded. Pre-planning a weekly menu and to make more use of preserved cooking methods like fermenting, pickling, drying, freezing and smoking.” Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen http://www.janhendrik.com/


    Jenny Morris Summer Foodie Trends

    “I think ‘no waste’ and sustainable food is a growing movement and we’ll see exciting new dishes being developed in kitchens using these ingredients. Asian flavours and cooking techniques are here to stay. Kale, make way for Seaweed – a real super food, it’s sustainable and delicious and ever so umami. Sriracha is going to take a back seat, I’m told and Korean gochujang is going to be the new kid on the block. There will be a growth in markets and artisan produce, the demand has really climbed. Fermented foods are going to be everywhere, I think – more and more people are minding good gut health and fermented   foods are really delicious.” Jenny Morris http://gigglinggourmet.com/


    Imka Webb

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