• If you are one to follow social media trends, then I am sure that you remember the bone broth discourse of 2023. Eating habits and what we put into our bodies is always an important topic.

    Thus, the question remains is drinking bone broth beneficial, and if so, how? We list the potential benefits below.

    What is bone broth?

    Bone broth is essentially the residue collected from the boiling of animal bones such as fish, beef, chicken, and pork. Many times, bone broth is used for flavour added into foods such as stew or soups and many other dishes. Bone broth can also be consumed on its own as a drink.

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    Why drink bone broth?

    Bone broth is said to have many benefits, especially for our health. With its high protein content, it has many pros for nutritional value as many gems can be gained from drinking it such as vitamins and minerals all of which have a chance of aiding to prime body performance according to certain medical professionals. The nutritional value of your bone broth is also based off added ingredients.

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    Benefits of drinking bone broth

    Increased collagen and amino acids:

    Collagen is a protein that consists of amino acids. Its function in the body is to support our body’s connective tissue. Thus, drinking bone broth could help with stiffness relief and ease certain joint issues. It also has some skin benefits.


    Due to the liquid form of bone broth, there are hydration benefits such as an increase in certain electrolytes such as salt. Electrolytes keep our bodies going.

    Gut and digestion health:

    As stated, because of the high protein component of bone broth one of the gains from drinking it is gelatine. If the bone broth you are drinking has a high level of gelatine this helps with the movement of food during the digestion process. Certain health professionals believe one of the prime reasons to consume bone broth is for the beneficial gains to the gut.


    Glycine, another protein has the function of anti-inflammatory processes, but it also has been proven to help with sleep. Glycine can be used for body regulation especially for the body clock thus by drinking bone broth you could be gaining those extra glycine proteins to improve your sleep quality.

    Bone health:

    The process of making bone broth requires a long period of slow boiling. Many believe that because of this there is a high vitamin and mineral content found in the broth and by consuming it, there are potential gains of extra calcium and magnesium which all contribute towards bone strength and health.


    According to certain experts’ bone broth has many health benefits, especially in terms of gut health due to its high protein consistency. But as of now, these benefits have not been conclusively proven.

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