• Food editor Leila talks ‘squandwich’

    What makes a food editor tick? Well firstly we are all slightly mad, no wait, scratch that, I think ditzy would be the preferred term. Yes, ditzy. We have our very certain likes and dislikes. We all have a certain type of food that makes us sigh with pleasure. I myself like to partake of an assortment of Middle Eastern style nibbles – platters filled with fresh herbs, dips and bread and bitty eating. Yes please, I will have some more of that baba ganoush, more please, more.
    So as a food ed, what’s the one question that friends know will really irritate me? “Friend, what can I make for dinner?” That’s when I throw my ‘are you really asking me this question’ face? That would be the equivalent to asking an accountant to start crunching numbers while they’re trying to watch the 8pm movie. No, just no. As much as I would like to say that food is all-consuming, my one and only love. After a long day of shooting where food is all around, the one and only morsel of deliciousness I could possibly muster enough energy to create is an extremely savoury ‘grab everything from the fridge you can get your hands on and stuff it into a toasted sarmie’. Just like that – dinner sorted. Somebody once told me that these creations of mine should be termed a ‘squandwich’ – so that’s what it is.
    So, big lesson of the day from this food ed – always, always, always have some good bread stashed in the freezer for those SOS evenings when all you really want is some quality time with a toasted ‘squandwich’ the size of your head, the tv tuned onto some pie making or other meaty show and a good old cuppa with a sprinkle of sugar – just because. Job done.

    By Dylan Swart