Tips for gifting wine

Do you have a friend’s milestone birthday coming up? Are you planning your festive season gifts already and looking for the perfect festive season gift? Wine is one of the very best gifts, perfect for any occasion. And what can be better than locally produced South African wine? With so many incredible options to choose from, there is a South African wine for every wine lover and every occasion. Finding the right gift wine can be pretty overwhelming. Let’s unpack the art of buying wine with these tips for gifting wine: Think of the giftee Buying wine as a gift is easy when you know what the giftee likes. Do they only drink white wines? Consider Sauvignon Blanc or a lekker white blend. Easy-drinking sweet wines? Consider a sweet Riesling or dessert wine. Is your friend a tree hugger? Think sustainable wines! Check their social media for clues. Choose the right wine for the occasion! Different occasions call for different types of wines. Here’s a quick guide to gifting the right special-occasion wine: For a Braai: Impress your friends or family by gifting a wine that will pair well with the food. It’s simple, really: Red wine with red meat; … Continue reading Tips for gifting wine