5 cocktails to celebrate Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022 (Last Updated: April 16, 2024)
Galentine's Day

Filled with cutesy notes, boxes of chocolates, red roses and heart-holding teddies, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to go the extra mile to show the people you love just how much they mean to you. Although it typically acknowledges romantic love, I believe Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone: to celebrate self-love and love for family, friends and pets is equally as important! Whichever boat you’re in, I’ve rounded up 5 delicious cocktails for you to whip up and shower the people that mean the most to you with love. Each made with a different kind of booze (rosé, gin, champers and rum, plus a non-alcoholic one), you’ll find a drink here for everyone. Enjoy!


Frosé (frozen rosé)

1. The Rosé One

It’s super easy, delicious and perfectly PINK! This strawberry Frosé is a perfect treat to keep the summer heat at bay this Valentine’s Day. Make sure to prepare it ahead of time, as it needs some time in the freezer.


Lavender gin fizz

2. The Gin One

A floral twist on an old classic, this Lavender Gin Fizz is perfect for date night. Add in your own romantic garnishes, like heart-shaped cut-outs of cucumber, some blueberries or edible flowers.


Champagne and watermelon cocktail

3. The Champagne One

Valentine’s Day is a great reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly. Instead of enjoying it as it, impress your date by making this Champagne & Watermelon Cocktail.


Green melon and mint mojito

4. The Rum One

There’s no need to feel melon-choly on Valentine’s day! Treat yourself with this Green Melon and Mint Mojito packed full of all the flavours you know and love.

Raspberry lemonade cordial recipe

5. The Non-Alcoholic One

For those of you who don’t do booze, this Raspberry Lemonade Cordial is just for you. It’s fresh, bright and zesty – mix in a teensy bit of rosewater to taste and garnish with some rose petals for a Valentine’s Day twist.


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Featured image by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash

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