• How to make floral ice cubes

    IT’S SPRING!! Floral ice cubes are an easy and impactful way to beautify drinks or ice buckets. Here’s how to do it.

    1. Use only edible flowers. If sourcing from a store, make sure they haven’t been treated with any chemicals. Likewise if picking from your own garden. Try orchids, nasturtiums, pansies and snapdragons.

    2. The next step is to prepare your water. To make clear ice, use distilled water that has been boiled and then cooled. This helps to remove impurities, which can cause cloudiness and air bubbles in the cubes.

    Floral ice cubes

    3. A large-volume ice tray will ensure your cubes last longer.

    4. To create the suspension effect of the flowers in the cubes, you will need to work in layers. Fill an ice tray a quarter of the way with water, add flowers face down, and freeze. Add more water to fill halfway, and freeze. Fill to the top and freeze again.


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