• The Food&Home Awards are nearly here (published in the September issue of Food&Home) and we want you to get to know the judges! Candice Bodington, more commonly known as Candibod is a foodie, content creator and social media boffin from Cape Town. Read more to get to know her and find out what makes her tick

    So, tell us Candice Bodington, how did you get started in food and content creation?

    While studying nutrition and Instagram entering the scene, I found myself sharing meals and helpful information about nutrition on

    the platform which in time, became what we call content creation.

    How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

    Loyal, creative and caring.


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    What are some of your passions?

    Photography, videography and travel.

    So Candibod, what has been your most memorable food experience?

    My best experience thus far has got to travelling around India for a month solo, immersing myself in a new culture of cuisines.

    What is your go-to dinner to make when you’re short on time?

    Takeouts! Only kidding, I would say a curry – easy to pop everything in a pan and let it cook.
    Otherwise, a good old fashion burger always hits the spot too.

    If you had to leave for a deserted Island for 6 months, what 5 food items would you pack and what would your last meal be?

    Oats, Rice, Canned Beans, Water and sour patch kids haha.
    Last meal? Hmmm, a tray of croissants of course!

    Who are your favourite chefs?

    Sophia Roe, Braam Beyers + Massimo Bottura

    What are your favourite cookbooks?

    Molly Baz’s Cookbook + Ottolenghi, Flavor

    What is the best thing you read this year?

    It will definitely have to Atomic Habits
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    Fatima is the editor of Food&Home. Trained in English Literature and recipe development, she can be found eating her way through Cape Town armed with a cookbook in her bag and her camera at the ready.