• As restaurants across South Africa come back to life following the devastating effects of the pandemic, a remarkable act of kindness warmed the hearts of the staff at Delfinos Restaurant in Mossel Bay.

    After dining at the restaurant on Thursday afternoon, a customer – American producer and actress, Marcia Kimpton  – left a R94 486 tip on her R3 454 bill!

    Kimpton revealed that she was so impressed by her waiter, Zathan McCarthy’s service and that he was deserving of the tip.

    The eatery shared the exciting news and their gratitude in a social media post, saying:

    “WOW! What would you do if you were tipped R94 486? A BIG thank you to the table that left this tip for our hard working staff. You’ve made a few hearts EXTREMELY happy today! 💙
    From all the staff – THANK YOU!”

    According to McCarthy, Kimpton said that she was going to bless him and asked if he would then be able to bless someone else.

    “At first, I thought it was a scam – I thought it was a joke. But when I see her emotions toward me and when I saw how she felt when she gave it to me. Then I thought to myself wow, this lady is sent from heaven,” the grateful waiter shared in an interview with Algoa FM.

    The 21-year-old revealed he shared the tip with is colleagues, saying: “There are lot of employees there at our work, they have more problems than me so that’s why I shared the tip with them,” he continued.

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