• Pampelle, the seductive French aperitif that lets you surprise yourself whether it’s the way you live your life or what you choose to put in your glass.

    Pampelle is the drink by its very nature that gives you permission to contradict yourself, whether that be in your glass or the way you live your life, by day or by night.

    Bitter sweet but not sugary, light and refreshing yet complex, it’s the contradictory nature of this aperitif made from Star Ruby Red grapefruit from the wilds of Corsica and refined in the French region of Cognac that encourages you to live life a little differently.

    The essence of the French Riviera with its sun-drenched beaches, turquoise waters and jet set lifestyle, Pampelle is made by macerating Star Ruby Red grapefruit and distilling it in copper stills to bring out the citrus flavours and rich velvety colour. It’s then blended with natural botanicals including chinchona tree bark quinine and Gentian bitters, and a signature Eau-de-Vie made from grapes that have been fermented and distilled.

    The result is a refreshing bitter-sweet artisanal aperitif with a distinctive red hue. It has light to medium flavours of grapefruit and herbs culminating in a long dry citrus peel aftertaste. As you would expect from a Mediterranean-inspired drink, it’s dry and fruity and it’s also 30 percent naturally lower in sugar than other spirit aperitifs.

    It’s best served chilled in the following ways: Combine two tots of Pampelle with 100ml premium tonic water (we suggest Fever-Tree) and garnish with a wedge of grapefruit. Make the ultimate summer cocktail with two tots of Pampelle, one of dry gin and top up with red or pink grapefruit juice. Or, for a classic Pampelle spritz, mix two tots of Pampelle with 75ml Prosecco or sparkling wine and add a dash of soda water. In line with the trend for lower alcohol levels, Pampelle has just 15 percent (abv) making it ideal for all occasions.

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    This valentine’s day stand out or blend in.  Be avante garde or be camouflage.  Live for today or sleep till tomorrow.   C’est la vie or C’est we’ll see.  Sit back and enjoy the view or be the view.  Squeeze a wedge of citrus or don’t.

    The choice is yours, but whatever you choose, add a dash of sparkle to your summer.


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    • 1 x bottle Pampelle
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    Good luck! Tres deliciius, Tres Pampelle!

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