• If you love the healthy yet smelly pleasure of garlic, this will take your breath away! 

    Garlict odour fighting capsules have just launched in South Africa – now you can enjoy garlic and still smell like a dream!  Invented locally, manufactured at a US FDA approved manufacturing plant and boasting non-GMO Ingredients, Garlict’s peppermint infused capsules embrace 4 powerful ingredients to ensure fresh breath.

    Let’s face it, we all fear having bad breath, or being that “stinky person” socially or at work, let alone being left un-kissable thanks to whiffy garlic breath. The new Garlict capsules stop odours associated with eating garlic and onions before they have a chance to embarrass you.  Garlict gives you the confidence and freedom to eat what you like without considering your work and social calendar.

    According to Loretta Atkinson from Neutrapharm, Garlict is perfect for our food loving, culinary aspirant South African lifestyle. “Being the food loving nation that we are, we often avoid our garlic or eat it anyway and then dread the aftermath reeking from our breath and pores. Who wants that? Now you can enjoy your garlic pleasure, follow it up with 2 capsules swallowed with liquid after your meal, and presto, the job is done.  No smelly odors, no embarrassment, just confidence and fresh breath,” says Loretta.

    What Causes Bad Breath?

    There are many categories of “bad breath”, two specific categories are food-related bad breath and halitosis, the latter being a medical condition caused by digestion issues, disease or tooth decay.

    The reason you get bad breath from garlic is because when it is consumed, the assimilation and digestion process kicks into gear with bacteria breaking down the food and excreting volatile sulphur compounds as part of the digestion process.  These sulphur compounds are not expelled by the intestines, but are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.  From there they circulate throughout the body, including into the lungs and sweat glands.  This results in bad breath and body odour, which may last as long as the digestion and detoxification process takes – sometimes days!

    How Garlict Fights Back

    Garlict to the rescue. Garlict has been developed to combat body and breath odours produced by the release of sulfuric compounds in the belly when eating garlic and onions. That’s why mouthwash or gum are unable to eliminate this specific odour – they don’t target sulphur compounds in your gut! Garlict contains four superhero’s fighting for your fresh breath – Parsley Seed Oil, Green Tea Extract, Chia Seed Oil and Peppermint Oil. In addition to the health benefits, these ingredients oxygenate and cleanse the blood, aid digestion, detoxify free radicals and provide a rich source of fiber which flushes the digestive system of built-up toxins.

    Pop two capsules in your mouth after consuming a smelly meal, swallow with some liquid and enjoy the sweet smell of success!  Repeat dose after 6 hours if necessary.

    Garlict is available at Dis-Chem Stores, Pick ‘n Pay Pharmacies and select independent pharmacies nationwide. Suggested Retail Price for a pack of 30 capsules is R98,95 including VAT.

    About garlict

    Garlict is new formulation breath odour remedy including traditional and unique ingredients formulated to combat annoying bad breath. Using a 4 pronged mechanism of fighting food related body and breath odours caused by volatile Sulphur compounds in the gut and intestines.

    For more information on Garlict visit the brand on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/GarlictSA.

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