• This is a bit of a blend of Vietnamese and Indian cuisine as rice paper is typically used in Vietnamese cooking. It’s a healthier alternative to the usual spring roll, which needs to be deep-fried. These are delicious at room temperature and are so easy to make as we used readymade butter chicken. You can use any curried chicken recipe or make your own. It takes a good hour off the preparation time if using ready-made butter chicken.

    Butter chicken and onion sprout rice paper rolls

    Serves: 6
    Cooking Time: 20 mins


    • 6 sheets rice paper
    • 60g onion sprouts, or any other sprouts
    • 350g ready-made butter chicken



    Place the rice paper sheets into warm water one at a time until soft, about 1 minute. Don’t leave them too long or they’ll fall apart. Remove and gently pat dry between 2 clean kitchen towels.


    Place a little of the onion sprouts along the middle in a sausage shape about 7cm long. Put the cool but not cold butter chicken on top.


    Fold the sides together one at a time, taking care that there are no creases. Carefully roll the folded sides up, making them nice and tight. You should have a lovely barrel shape. If yours doesn’t work, just use the mixture in another piece of rice paper – they come in packs of 20!


    You may need to trim the end before you roll them up. Serve at room temperature.