Cream cheese, honeyed fig and walnut hiddencentre moissants

    Serves: 4 - 6
    Cooking Time: 2 hrs + overnight, to rest


    • Filling

    • 50g honey
    • 250g fresh figs, chopped
    • 100g dried figs, finely chopped
    • 100g walnuts, chopped
    • 230g LANCEWOOD Cream Cheese
    • Moissant dough

    • 500g cake flour, sifted + extra, to dust
    • 7g instant dried yeast
    • pinch salt
    • 60ml (¼ cup) white granulated sugar
    • 350ml cold water
    • 200g soft butter
    • 1 large egg, beaten
    • icing sugar, to dust



    For the filling, heat the honey in a saucepan over medium heat and add 100g of the fresh figs and all of the dried figs. Stir in the walnuts and set aside to cool.


    For the moissant dough, mix together the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and add half of the water to mix the ingredients together. Transfer the mixture to a free-standing blender fitted with a dough hook. Add the remaining water and blend until combined, 5 minutes. Place the dough, covered, in a warm place and leave to rest until double in size, 1 hour. Meanwhile, place the butter in cling film, cover and roll into a 10cm x 10cm square. Place in the fridge until cold, yet still soft enough to roll. Once the dough is ready, knead to the original size and roll into a 16cm x 16cm square on a lightly dusted surface. Remove the butter from the cling film, place in the centre of the dough and fold the corner flaps over to cover the butter completely. Turn the dough, the top flap side facing towards your left hand, and roll the dough slightly into a 14cm x 10cm shape, taking care to not let the butter seep out. Perform a book fold, cover completely with cling film and refrigerate overnight.


    Remove the dough from the fridge and repeat the rolling process another three times, leaving it to rest for 30 minutes in between each repeat. There is no need to rest the dough after the third time.


    Roll the dough to 0,5cm thickness and cut into 30cm x 10cm rectangles (you should get two). Cut out 20,5cm x 15cm x 15cm triangles from the rectangles (you should get about 4 triangles per rectangle). Preheat the oven to 200°C.


    Place a little filling and a dollop of cream cheese in the centre of each triangle and roll, starting from the wide side in. Place the filled triangles in greased muffin pans and fold the tips of the moissants inward. Brush with egg and bake, 30 minutes. Dust with icing sugar and serve garnished with the remaining fresh figs.