• Humble mashed potatoes are elevated to new heights of style and flavour.

    What should be a family favourite is so often not done properly. After peeling the boiling starchy (not waxy) potatoes, push them through a drum or fine sieve in small batches while still hot. Return to the saucepan and stir in the butter with a spatula until mixed through, and add a little milk. Do not use a stick blender to mash potatoes as this breaks down the starch too much, causing the mash to turn gluey.

    All recipes serve 4.

    Butter and garlic mash

    Mix 1 crushed garlic clove, 25ml butter, a little milk and 45ml chopped fresh parsley into 800ml hot mash. Serve with roast chicken or sausages.

    Sweet apple mash

    Combine 700ml mashed potato with 300ml stewed apples and 250ml chopped fried onion. Mix thoroughly before serving with roast pork or pork chops.

    Truffle and garlic mash

    Add a generous splash of truffle oil and 15ml gently fried garlic to 800ml potato mash and mix thoroughly for a truly delicious accompaniment to roast meat or steak.

    Bacon and pea mash

    Add 100g blanched peas and a few strips of fried and chopped streaky bacon to 800ml hot potato mash. Serve with smoked haddock or use to top a fish or chicken pie.

    Oriental mash 

    Add a splash of soy sauce, 20ml freshly grated ginger and 5ml grated lemongrass to 800ml hot mash. Serve with Asian style chicken or fish.