• The classic daiquiri, a drink nowadays misinterpreted, is just as noble as a martini and is the benchmark test for a good rum. This version gives the original lime version a local twist with the addition of naartjie.

    Copeland Rum loves citrus. From its best friend the lime, to flings with grapefruit, and the perfect marriage of mandarins. Citrus season has arrived in the Western Cape and we couldn’t be happier,” James Copeland, distiller.

    How to make simple syrup

    To make a small quantity of simple syrup, combine 125g sugar with 125ml (½ cup) water in a small pot. Bring to a boil over high heat, 30 seconds, then remove from heat and allow to cool completely. When making your cocktails, use this syrup in the quantity called for by the recipe.

    Mixologist’s tip

    Make the simple syrup (recipe above) beforehand and allow to cool.

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    Naartjie daiquiri

    By James Copeland Serves: Makes 1
    Total Time: 2 mins


    • 2 shots (60ml) Copeland Rum
    • juice of ½ lime (about 15ml/1 tbsp)
    • juice of ½ naartjie (about 20ml/4 tsp)
    • ½ shot (15ml/1 tbsp) simple syrup (see recipe above)



    Pre-chill a 110ml coupe, martini glass or any fancy stemmed glass in the freezer.


    Half-fill a shaker with ice, add two shots of rum, followed by the lime and naartjie juices.


    Tasting as you go, gradually add the simple syrup to balance the sourness of the citrus to your taste (larger or smaller limes will require adjusting).


    Shake until itʼs too cold to hold.


    Strain into your chilled glass and garnish with the zest or a round of the citrus.

    Imka Webb

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