No-churn stroopwafel chocolate ice-cream sandwiches

December 14, 2023
No-churn chocolate ice cream stroopwafel sandwiches recipe

Families will love making these no-churn chocolate ice cream stroopwafel sandwiches! The chocolate ice cream is so easy to make especially for the kids, deliciously creamy and may just become your go-to ice-cream recipe, when wanting to create memories with your loved-ones.

Recipe by Jesse Lombard and Shannon Gagenn

No-churn chocolate ice cream stroopwafel sandwiches

By Jesse Lombard & Shannon Gagenn Serves: 8
Cooking Time: 10 mins + 4 hrs or overnight, to freeze


  • 1 x 385g tin condensed milk
  • 500ml (2 cups) double-thick cream
  • 5ml (1 tsp) vanilla essence
  • pinch salt
  • 60g cocoa powder
  • 16 Dutch caramel stroopwafels (available at Woolworths)
  • fresh raspberries, to serve



Line a 30cm x 25cm baking tray with baking paper and set aside. Pour the condensed milk, cream, vanilla and salt into the bowl of a free-standing mixer fitted with a whisk attachment. Sieve the cocoa powder into the mixture and whisk well until whipped and fluffy, about 10 minutes. Pour the whipped mixture into theprepared tray and freeze until hard, 4 hours or overnight.


Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter just smaller than a stroopwafel, cut hearts out of each stroopwafel.


Remove the frozen slab of ice cream from the baking tray and cut out 6 hearts with the same cookie cutter.


Sandwich an ice-cream heart between 2 stroopwafel heart cutouts and gently press the sandwich together. Repeat with the remaining stroopwafels and ice-cream hearts. Store in the freezer until ready to serve. Remove from the freezer 10 minutes before serving to allow to soften slightly. Serve garnished with fresh raspberries and enjoy immediately.

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