• Olive spheres


    • 5g alginate
    • 500ml (2 cups) still water, preferably bottled
    • 500g olives
    • 2,5g gluco



    Create an alginate bath (the liquid used to create a membrane around the olive spheres) by blending the alginate into the water, making sure all the alginate is incorporated. Pass through a sieve and leave overnight to get rid of the bubbles.


    Keep the brine aside and juice the olives. Measure out 100ml of the liquid, add the gluco and blend until smooth. Freeze in half-round moulds.


    Once frozen, add to the alginate bath, making sure they do not touch anything or they will not be smooth, 2 minutes.


    Spoon out with a perforated spoon and put into hot water to defrost quicker, then into the brine to keep the natural olive flavour.



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