• An elegant and delicious appetiser that you can eat with your fingers, these prawn and coriander mayonnaise finger sandwiches are perfect for an afternoon tea. Light, fresh and lovely!

    Prawn and coriander mayonnaise finger sandwiches

    Serves: Makes 24 sandwiches
    Cooking Time: 30 mins


    • 16 slices seed loaf, lightly buttered
    • 100ml good-quality mayonnaise
    • 50ml coriander leaves, roughly chopped
    • 650ml prawns or shrimps, cooked, peeled and roughly chopped – leave a few whole to garnish one or two sandwiches
    • salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste



    Lay 8 slices of seed loaf on a working surface.


    Mix the mayonnaise with the coriander and prawns, and season.


    Divide this mixture between the slices of bread and top with the remaining bread slices.


    Cut the crusts off with a very sharp knife. Cut each slice into three fingers lengthways and serve garnished with the extra prawns and a bit of whole coriander.


    Cook's tip: To support seafood sustainability choose farmed varieties of prawns over local, wild varieties and Mozambican prawns.