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Spice-crusted grilled feta with nectarines

Spice-crusted grilled feta with nectarines

Serve with chicken or lamb kebabs, if you like (or as is for a meat-free weeknight meal). Add some slices of fresh ciabatta to mop up all the deliciousness.

Serves 2

30 mins

Preheat the grill to medium-high heat. Add 2 x 200g rectangles Barrel Aged Greek Feta (available at to a small roasting dish lined with baking paper. Add 3 wedged nectarines to the same roasting dish and drizzle the feta and nectarines with olive oil. Sprinkle the feta and nectarines with 5ml (1 tsp) each of dried oregano, cumin seeds and coriander seeds, a pinch of dried chilli flakes and a crack of black pepper. Place the dish under the grill and cook with the oven door ajar, about 5 minutes, but keeping a close eye! You want the feta to be golden on the outside and the nectarines to be slightly charred in places. Allow the feta to cool slightly, about 5 minutes, before serving. Serve sprinkled with capers, fresh basil leaves and a little salt to taste (the feta and capers are naturally salty, so you might like to add a little salt to the nectarines only).

Recipe and styling by Claire Ferrandi

Photograph by Dylan Swart  

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