• This works in exactly the same way that prosciutto and peach (or melon) does: cured meat with soft, sweet fruit and a zingy balsamic dressing to bring everything together. Try it, I think you’ll like it.

    TO DRINK (F&HE): Sweet and spicy Kloovenburg White From Red Shiraz 2007

    Strawberry salad with bresaola and bocconcini

    Serves: 4
    Cooking Time: 20 mins


    • 400g strawberries, hulled and sliced ½cm thick
    • good quality balsamic vinegar, to taste
    • salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
    • 16 slices of bresaola
    • a bunch of fresh basil, leaves picked
    • 12 bocconcini, or 4 x 100g balls of mozzarella
    • 150g wild rocket
    • extra virgin olive oil, to taste
    • Parmesan, shaved, to serve, optional



    Lay the strawberries out on a plate, drizzle with the vinegar and season.


    Lay one slice of bresaola on your chopping board and cover with two or three basil leaves. Lay another slice of bresaola on top and keep layering bresaola and basil like that until you’ve used it all up. Roll into a thick cigar and slice into ribbons with a sharp knife.


    Tear the bocconcini or mozzarella balls in half and lay on a serving dish. Scatter the strawberries around the pieces of cheese. Toss the rocket in the strawberry juice left on the plate and a splash of olive oil.


    Gently lay the bresaola strips and rocket over the cheese and strawberries and finish with the dressed rocket, a few little shavings of fresh Parmesan cheese, if you like, and a drizzle of olive oil.