• Flavour Factory’s taste revolution doesn’t just stop with their wide range of top-quality Herbs, Spices & Food Products. Flavour Factory has added a whole new range of Braai & Smoking blends. Flavour Factory takes pride that all their products are ethically sourced and unnecessary allergen and filler-free!

    flavour factory herbs spices

    Because Flavour Factory’s Director Fiona is gluten intolerant, it’s been her no.1 priority to create and source products so any person with this challenge is safe to consume our products. Fiona is passionate about flavour, and this can be tasted in all the blends she has developed since starting Flavour Factory over 3 years ago. Starting as a small business selling spices, herbs and a few blends made with these beautiful products Flavour Factory has progressed to offering services to our clients that include contract research and development (R&D), blending, packaging, and labelling. Although Flavour Factory does have some allergens on-site they adhere to strict cross-contamination protocols to ensure they cater for all dietary needs.

    “The most important thing to me and Flavour Factory is to inspire the home chef and give them the freshest product possible. Although in a traditional sense herbs and spices don’t truly expire, they can lose flavour, potency and colour so for us, freshness is so important. We want our home chefs to experience the true flavour of these herbs and spices as if it was the closest they can get to a spice market anywhere in the world. With this we hope it will inspire them to cook with excitement  and feel free to explore layers of taste more in everyday cooking, invoking familiarity with a different twist.”  said Fiona.

    flavour factory herbs spices

    Fiona has always been inspired by taste and studied to become a qualified Chef and further qualified as a Chef patisserie. When asked what led her here, she said “I never liked the craziness of the restaurant kitchen, I wanted to be bold, I’m more of a flavour bomb person! Exploring spice and herb combinations is where I found my passion. I found a home in the flavour industry for over 8 years before founding Flavour Factory.”

    Flavour Factory has added a whole new range of Braai & Smoking blends to suit any meat, poultry and fish meals cooked over hot coals. “My new thing is to braai vegetables, and you can use any of the new blends,” she said. The Braai and Smoking blends development started during lockdown when Fiona and her partner started exploring the world of smoking, and Fiona started creating her own blends for rubs. Barking Sweet Salt, Boom Rub and Kansas BBQ are all recommended as a fantastic rub before putting your prime piece of meat into the smoker. Fiona’s Braai Bite complimented the featured Wagyu Jersey Prime Rib with its sensational sweet, slightly herby and mild chilli bite.

    flavour factory herbs spices

    “We specialize in well-researched R&D to ensure that we meet our client’s needs, name any dietary requirement and we will cater to your needs, be it Keto, Diabetic, Gluten-free, Additive-free, or just being a purest we will create it. Our site is fully HALAAL certified and we are in the process of getting a GFSI certification. We work closely with industry leaders that supply our amazing raw materials making our lives easier by supplying the best quality products at the best prices.

    Wherever we can support the farmer we do, it is critical for us to buy directly from the source. All flavoured, blended, and roasted products supplied by Flavour Factory are made in-house and to order. We do not keep made products on hand. We believe that all our clients and customers deserve the freshest products possible.”

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    flavour factory herbs spices

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    Braaied spiced neck of pork with a cucumber salad