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Seafood recipes

Fish curry

Easy fish curry

Using store-bought cook-in sauce allows you to flavour your fish curry in any way you please using Durban, Cape Malay or Thai influences.  INGREDIENTS 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil 2…

Octopus salad

Try this delicious octopus salad recipe, you’ll thank us later! INGREDIENTS 1⁄2 cup dried chickpeas, soaked overnight 2l veg stock Handful parsley, leaves picked and chopped, steams reserved 1 kg octopus, cleaned 300 g…

Mussel chowder recipe

Mussel Chowder

This yummy mussel chowder recipe is definitely one for the books! INGREDIENTS 4 corn on cobs, cleaned 2 tbsp olive oil 100 g sliced prosciutto, chopped 1 onion, fi…