• Drinks trolleys have made a stylish comeback and are wheeling their way into your bar, living room and office… Hey, roll it wherever you want it!

    By Heather Boting

    Photographs by Graeme Wyllie

    We share 3 ways to style your drink trolley

    1. Scandi dining room

    Retro meeting room drink trolleys

    Styling tips for a clean, contemporary look:

    Keep it fresh – add fruit like lemons or other citrus to your trolley. They are great for G&Ts and add pops of colour to your display.

    Add a piece of art – include an oversized framed art piece on the trolley. This creates texture and a focal point to an otherwise plain backdrop.

    Less is more – keeping in tune with the contemporary look, choose a colour scheme that will adhere to this. Green, white and black with a splash of yellow work wonderfully together.

    2. Retro meeting room

    Retro meeting room drink trolleys

    Styling tips for a trendy, retro look:

    In with the old and in with the new – contrast your pieces with definition. Some artefacts are vintage and classic (the trolley), while others are trendy and contemporary (the wallpaper).

    Eclectic is cool – don’t be afraid to mix up the style of the components. Combine treasure boxes, heirloom dominoes and decanters with high fashion objects, trays and glasses.

    Multitask – make the most of dual purpose items with strategic organisation. Use your jug as a vase when you are not using it for serving guests.

    3. Panelled wall office

    Panelled wall office drink trolley

    Styling tips for a masculine look:

    Dark room – dark hues on your wall add a rich and sleek appeal to your space. This wooden cladded wall lends warmth from the wood, as well as style and sophistication in its black stain finish.

    Gold rush – statement pieces like this brass trolley and Champagne and wine cooler bring boldness and a dab of luxury.

    Imka Webb

    Imka Webb is a freelance digital marketing expert and the digital editor of Food & Home Entertaining magazine.  www.imkawebb.com