• Mother’s Day is usually commemorated with a hearty meal with our most important woman. Here are some creative ideas to help you set a memorable table for Mother’s Day.

    But, before we get to the creative ideas, here are the basics of setting a table according to the experts.


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    Lemon and leaves

    This table setting is simple and au natural. You can simply use ingredients from your garden or you can buy fresh lemons for your Mother’s Day lunch and reuse them to make tea or dessert, like lemon squares at a later stage.

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    Paired colours

    Use well-complementing colours like this green and purple table setting. You can also use pink and blue or green and blue. Be sure to use a healthy mix of coloured crockery and flowers to make the colours really pop and paint the picture.


    Monochrome table setting

    On the opposite end of our last idea, you can use a single colour or hue to give extra elegance to your Mother’s Day lunch.


    Moody-themed table setting

    Why not play with the moodiness that autumn brings and decorate your lunch space with moody textures and colours?


    Succulent table setting

    If you already have an abundance of succulents scattered all across your home, this would be the best use of them. Decorate your lunch table with succulents, and throw in some candles and even some rocks, for an earthy feel to your Mother’s Day lunch.

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    A flowery affair

    Give your mom an abundance of flowers for your Mother’s Day lunch. Flowers will lift any room and any mood too. Pair pink and orange for a fresh feel.

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    Written by Marian Volkwyn for Garden&Home.

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